About Us

Estate Gardener Services is a premier team of estate landscape maintenance professionals who have been providing our clients with a well-maintained landscape year round since 1982. Estate Gardener Services mission and goal is to provide our clients with a beautifully manicured lawn and colorful landscape that can be enjoyed every day of the growning season.

What sets Estate Gardener Services apart from other residential landscape companies? It's our ability to provide any and all landscape maintenance services to all our clients. Our Maintenance Managers are highly qualified horticultural and turfgrass specialists who take time to meet directly with our clients at their residences to evaluate their specific landscape requirments. From that point, the client will be provided with a personalized proposal based on their needs and expectations.

Hiring a landscape maintenance company to maintain and upkeep your landscape's health and beauty is not a decision that should be easily made. It is an important investment that will impact the appearance of your property that should enhance the health and beauty of your overall landscape. Make your decision ona companies reputation and have it done by the leader of the landscape maintenance industry in Columbus, Ohio, Estate Gardener Services.